British media platform Future has announced that it expects its full-year results to exceed expectations, with projected revenue of around £271 million. This positive outlook is largely attributed to the company’s return to organic audience growth in the second half of the year, surpassing Covid-19 comparators. Additionally, Future has seen growth in digital advertising and an upward trend in affiliates, highlighting the strength of its diversified business model.

Future’s CEO, Zillah Byng-Thorne, expressed satisfaction with the company’s progress, particularly in the face of a challenging macro environment. Byng-Thorne credited Future’s valuable audiences, specialized content verticals, and various monetization routes for its strong performance. Future is a major player in the media industry, reaching one in two people in the UK and ranking as the sixth-largest media company in the US according to ComScore’s audience-tracking scale.

The recent acquisition of US-based fashion and beauty platform Who What Wear has further expanded Future’s reach and allowed it to tap into lucrative sectors. With the combination of organic audience growth, positive advertising and affiliate trends, Future is well-positioned to achieve its financial targets and deliver strong performance in the coming year.

Future’s ability to navigate the challenges imposed by the pandemic and capitalize on growth opportunities speaks to its strategic vision and adaptability. As the media landscape continues to evolve, Future’s diversified business model and focus on execution will undoubtedly be key drivers of its continued success. With a strong brand portfolio and the ability to connect with audiences across multiple platforms, Future is poised to maintain its position as a leading force in the media industry.

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