Gap has canceled its collaboration with unisex brand Telfar, following the announcement of its partnership with Kanye West and Yeezy. The collaboration with Telfar was initially postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19, which has had a significant impact on Gap. Similar to the Yeezy partnership, the Telfar collaboration aimed to make the brand’s pieces more accessible to consumers at a more affordable price point.

The cancellation of the Telfar collaboration has led to confusion among consumers, as Gap had not provided any updates on the progress of the collaboration, while the Yeezy partnership received considerable attention. Reports also emerged claiming that Telfar had not received any compensation from Gap. This week, Gap confirmed that the collaboration with Telfar has been canceled.

Diet Prada, a fashion watchdog, reported that Gap had informed Telfar in March that the collaboration was being pushed to 2021. Two days later, Gap reportedly offered Telfar 25% of the design fee as an advance for the work completed before the postponement. This move by Gap has disappointed industry professionals who believe that Gap prioritized a bigger name over Telfar.

Amid the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests for racial justice, many brands and organizations in the fashion and beauty industries have pledged to support Black creatives. Therefore, the cancellation of the Telfar collaboration by Gap has led to disappointment among some industry professionals who advocate for more opportunities for Black designers and creatives. Nandi Howard, assistant fashion features editor at Essence, expressed her disappointment on Twitter, emphasizing that the fashion industry tends to promote only one Black designer or creative at the top, instead of highlighting multiple collections by Black creatives. has sought comment from Gap on the reasons for canceling the Telfar collaboration.

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