English avant-garde fashion designer Gareth Pugh is not only making a comeback but also reclaiming his brand. Pugh recently repurchased the 49% of his trademark that was sold to Rick Owens in 2006. The deal was done on good terms and also included Owens’ Italian production partner Olmar and Mirta SpA, although the financial details were not disclosed.

Pugh, who previously interned for Owens at luxury fur label Revillon, is already planning to present a new collection as early as September. While the exact format of the presentation is still being determined, one thing is for certain: Pugh is known for his innovative and spectacular shows. This move comes at a time when the fashion industry is rethinking traditional runway shows, and Pugh has always been ahead of his time in this regard.

Pugh’s past collaborations and shows exemplify his unique approach to fashion. In 2011, he collaborated with filmmaker Ruth Hogben for a video presentation of his collection at the Pitti Immagine showcase. In 2014, he staged a dance performance show in New York City, showcasing his talent for merging fashion with other art forms. Pugh’s most recent show was presented for spring/summer 2019, leaving audiences craving more of his boundary-pushing creations.

Expressing his excitement for this new chapter in his career, Pugh stated, “We’re in a moment where we’re all being invited to invent the future, so for me it’s important to be part of that cultural conversation now more than ever.” Owens, who considers Pugh and his husband Carson McColl as family, is delighted to have assisted Pugh in reclaiming his name.

Beyond his runway shows, Pugh has also created fantastical works for various mediums. Through Hard and Shiny, a creative studio founded by Pugh and McColl, he has collaborated with artists like Christina Aguilera and Cardi B, as well as prestigious institutions like the New York City Ballet and The Royal Opera House. Pugh’s designs have graced performers such as Kylie Minogue and Beyoncé, and have been displayed at renowned institutions like The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

With Gareth Pugh’s return to the fashion world, audiences can eagerly anticipate the resurgence of his unique avant-garde vision and showmanship. Pugh’s upcoming collection promises to push boundaries and captivate fashion enthusiasts once again.

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