These two Air signs have several points in common. They are both more rational than passionate and love to argue. Among friends, they are a perfect couple, they understand each other on the fly and don’t need too many explanations. They respect the needs and the need for freedom of others and are excellent collaborators.

Sexual compatibility and intimacy

Gemini and Aquarius could probably have sex with simple verbal stimulation. They do not need to undress to have a sexual experience, although they will want to be naked all the time to free themselves from all the human restrictions represented through the clothes. They will get lost on their way somewhere and have sex there. Or somewhere else. But who cares when they are looking for kindred spirits and want to have fun.


Trust is a strange thing for this couple. We must emphasize that they will trust each other. Aquarius finds it ridiculous to lie and Gemini usually feel free enough not to lie. On the other hand, Aquarius understands their need for privacy, because this is a sign in which Neptune is exalted. Both will likely have this absolute trust for their partner and are rarely fooled due to their premise of giving and receiving freedom as a top priority. None of them will have any satisfaction in telling stories or lying when there are so many interesting things to talk about with their strange partner and so little to share that they will be judged.

Communication and intellect

When Gemini and Aquarius engage in intellectual debate, they are fun for everyone to watch. They stimulate each other’s mind to such an extent that they throw arguments that they were not aware existed in their thoughts. While Gemini will likely be fascinated by the always so rational and human Aquarius belief system, Aquarius will have the opportunity to alleviate some of their ego problems with their Gemini partner.


We could say that Gemini and Aquarius understand each other perfectly when it comes to their emotions. Usually this is true, but that doesn’t mean they both need this. The unstable nature of Gemini can cause them to change their mind or their emotional state every day, and if they don’t feel good in a relationship, they will break free without thinking too much about the reasons they had to do it. Aquarius are always in a hurry to free themselves from anyone or anything, so a breakup wouldn’t really be something weird in their world.


Suffice it to say that both of them appreciate the intellect. The rest is just something other signs worry about. However, Aquarius can be very passionate about their human beliefs and will often strongly support them. This is something Gemini can understand but rarely support. Due to the fact that the Aquarius partner values people’s equality as much as their own freedom, this can be their point of separation, even if the Gemini partner doesn’t really disagree.

Shared activities

Aquarius is the only sign capable of truly surprising Gemini. They are so different from everyone else and represent a step that Gemini should climb if they want their life to be incredible. This is not always the case because some of the Aquarius quirks can be a sight, designed by their need to fix their turbulent Sun. However, it is exciting for both of them to enter this relationship: Aquarius to surprise and Gemini to follow them wherever they go. Their main activity to share is movement. They could drive thousands of miles just to find a specific ice cream or for no reason at all. Mostly they can do anything together, from traveling and clubbing, to reading labels and instructions on using different kitchen utensils.

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