Difficult but not catastrophic picture. The Taurus is concrete, his feet are firmly anchored to the ground, while the Gemini is unpredictable and curious. The Taurus, who knows what he wants, may feel destabilized by a Gemini who cannot easily find his way of life. He is up to Taurus, to understand and decide if it’s really worth trying!

Sexual compatibility and intimacy

Taurus is a sensual Earth sign with a deep need for physical contact and the joy of all the senses of the body. Geminis need intellectual stimulation and don’t care much about spending time in someone’s arms. It’s not that they don’t need to be touched, we all do, but they need to know that they are loved and accepted in so many different ways and touch is just one of them. After all, they are one of the Air signs and in their world thoughts must be worried, while strong communication is something that gives the possibility of a good sex life.


Trust can be a real problem with this couple. Geminis aren’t all that reliable when someone tries to bond them. Taurus, in most cases, lives for the day when he will be bonded to someone at the same time. If they don’t start their relationship on a clear and truthful basis, where the first thing they learn from each other would be the level of commitment each of them wants, a real problem with trust will easily arise.

Communication and intellect

Taurus is a sign that precedes Gemini. In an astrological sense, this tells us that the sign of Gemini would not exist if there were no Taurus. Basically, this means that the Gemini partner wouldn’t do much if their physical needs were not taken into consideration. This is where their relationship has a strong connection, as the Gemini partner may need someone like Taurus to take care of their body and needs of her.


It is not very likely that they will share their emotions easily and enjoy each other as much as they could with other representatives of the zodiac. However, there is a gentle side of Taurus that can melt even the coldest heart. In most cases, their best chance of a love affair is in the love that Taurus feels. We wouldn’t say that Gemini is numb or unemotional, but they certainly have a different approach to their emotional nature than the Earth sign of Taurus, which exalts the Moon.


While Taurus appreciates the Earth, the material world, their emotions and what is stable in their life, Gemini appreciates the Universe, the world of ideas, their rational mind and change. This is where their differences and the nature of the elements diverge strongly. They should really make an effort to accept the true value of both of their worlds in order to resolve their differences.

Shared activities

They may find activities to enjoy together, but not at the same pace. Gemini likes things fast, while they are exciting, and the Taurus would like to go through everything from start to finish, set the value on each activity and make a full decision whether he would like to repeat it or not. This will drive their Gemini crazy. It is better for both of them to walk a lot, as this can keep Gemini grounded, while Taurus always needs movement in order not to end up in a static, inert, horizontal state. They could connect their passionate nature through some sort of art, especially if they could find a way to create something together. With the ideas of Gemini and the practical sense of Taurus, coupled with the need for beauty, this should be a true work of art.

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