German jewellery brand Thomas Sabo has recently expanded its business by launching a new brand called Saboteur. Founded by Thomas Sabo, his wife Rita Sabo, and their son Santiago Sabo, Saboteur has been in development since 2019. The brand officially launched in November 2021, initially as an online-only venture. However, Saboteur has quickly expanded and opened its first physical stores in Austria and Germany. Now, the brand has made its mark in Paris, as part of its international expansion strategy.

Saboteur aims to differentiate itself with a unique and iconic concept, creating an exclusive universe for its customers. The brand offers high-end lines of watches and jewellery, all meticulously crafted from premium materials such as 18-carat gold or sterling silver. Its focus on exceptional quality and craftsmanship is complemented by a casual style and minimalist design.

While online sales have been steadily growing for Saboteur, the brand recognizes the significance of physical retail. Thomas Sabo believes that customers should have the opportunity to see and try on their desired products, particularly when it comes to purchasing jewellery at a substantial price point. To address this, Saboteur opened its first physical shop in Vienna six months ago and has since expanded its presence to various cities in Germany and Paris. Initially, the brand plans to concentrate on the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets, with aspirations for future expansion into cities like Paris and London. Taking cues from the lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic, Saboteur is adopting a cautious and gradual approach to its growth. The brand anticipates achieving double-digit turnover within the next two years.

Despite being an independent brand, Saboteur targets the same customer demographic as Thomas Sabo. In Germany, the brand intends to leverage its network of 40 shops in premium locations to successfully launch Saboteur. This will involve dedicating space or even entire floors in these stores to showcase the new brand. Saboteur aims to appeal to a diverse customer base and has already established a retail team of 50 employees, along with a dozen professionals in its offices. Thomas Sabo understands the importance of learning from experience and actively seeks input from the younger generation when making strategic decisions for the brand. Overall, Saboteur represents an exciting new chapter for the Sabo family, leveraging their extensive experience in the jewellery industry.

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