German outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin is set to strengthen its presence in Ireland through a new partnership with local distributor Bleubird. Bleubird, a trusted distributor with a strong network of retailers in Ireland, will exclusively distribute Jack Wolfskin products in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The partnership has been met with enthusiasm from Bleubird, as the company believes that Jack Wolfskin’s outdoor products and company ethos align well with their own, resonating with both sellers and customers alike.

Steve Rosier, the UK Country Manager for Jack Wolfskin, spoke highly of Bleubird, describing them as a team of passionate outdoor enthusiasts who share the brand’s values, particularly in terms of corporate responsibility and environmental impact. Rosier believes that this partnership is a perfect match for both parties.

With over 490 stores globally and 4,000 points of sale, Jack Wolfskin has successfully adapted to the evolving needs and preferences of modern consumers. This is evident in their recent collaboration with environmental streaming platform WaterBear, where they co-launched a documentary called ‘Serengeti of America’. The documentary focuses on the restoration of the Great Plains of North America, aiming to inspire action through storytelling.

The partnership with Bleubird demonstrates Jack Wolfskin’s commitment to expanding its presence in Ireland and catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in the region. By partnering with a local distributor that has an established network of retailers, the brand aims to strengthen its presence and make its products more accessible in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

This collaboration is part of Jack Wolfskin’s broader strategy to connect with consumers who prioritize responsible and sustainable outdoor products. With a focus on corporate responsibility and environmental impact, the brand aligns with the growing demand for ethically-made outdoor gear. By teaming up with Bleubird, Jack Wolfskin can amplify its message and reach a wider audience with its high-quality products.

As the global outdoor market continues to grow, Jack Wolfskin’s expansion into Ireland demonstrates the brand’s commitment to meeting the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in different regions. Through their partnership with Bleubird, Jack Wolfskin aims to establish a strong presence in Ireland and continue providing outdoor enthusiasts with top-notch, sustainable products for their adventures.

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