In the realm of high fashion, few partnerships evoke the sense of creative symbiosis quite like that of supermodel Gigi Hadid and the visionary maison, Jacquemus. Their enduring collaboration reaches a new zenith in Jacquemus’ Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, a seamless progression from the spectacular runway spectacle that graced the industry in June of the same year.

Under the sobriquet “LE CHOUCHOU,” this collection unfurls a mesmerizing narrative woven around the motif of spherical objects. Gigi Hadid, the campaign’s ethereal protagonist, undergoes a beguiling metamorphosis into a cornucopia of forms—she’s an enchanting apple, an incandescent disco ball, and sculpturesque clusters that evoke luscious grapes. The photographic wizardry of Johnny Dufort, complemented by the impeccable styling finesse of Ursina Gysi, paints a canvas that harmoniously echoes the resplendent color palette that made its indelible mark during the FW23 runway presentation. Radiant silver converges with vibrant cherry red, punctuated by pristine notes of white, resulting in an arresting visual symphony.

This imaginative campaign is punctuated by Gigi Hadid’s portrayal of a captivatingly whimsical character, reminiscent of the quintessential teacher’s pet archetype. She playfully amplifies the essence of the FW23 collection, which was previously unveiled with Nutcracker-inspired silhouettes, ethereal lingerie-inflected ensembles, and resplendent puffball dresses. Each garment, adorned with opulent textiles and meticulously embroidered floral motifs, exudes an air of regal sophistication.

Behold Gigi Hadid’s captivating performance in this campaign—a manifestation of artistic prowess and creative synergy. To delve deeper into this enthralling partnership and to immerse yourself in the collection’s exquisite details, we cordially invite you to explore the opulent world of Jacquemus on their website. The ongoing collaboration between Gigi Hadid and Jacquemus stands as an exemplar of fashion’s ever-evolving tapestry, where innovation and artistry intertwine in sublime harmony.