Givaudan, a leading company in the perfume and flavor production industry, has become a minority shareholder in Robertet, a natural plant-extract producer based in France. This follows a similar move by Firmenich, another Swiss company, last year, which raised concerns about Robertet’s independence. Givaudan has now acquired 4.68% of the share capital in Robertet.

Robertet has made it clear that it did not engage in any negotiations for this acquisition and that its independence remains a priority. The Maubert family, who have controlled the company for six generations, still hold a majority stake. Firmenich, on the other hand, has increased its stake in Robertet to 21.6%, raising the possibility of seeking a controlling interest in the future. However, Robertet’s CEO, Philippe Maubert, has reiterated the company’s commitment to maintaining its independence, stating that it has the financial capacity to develop without the support of a competitor.

Robertet, which was founded in 1850, is well-established in the highly sought-after natural ingredient sector. The company experienced a 6.2% growth in revenue in the first half of 2019. Givaudan, whose turnover in 2019 reached 6.2 billion Swiss francs, has also been expanding its presence in this segment. In November 2019, Givaudan acquired Ungerer, an American supplier and manufacturer of essential oils, and expressed its intention to acquire Indena, an Italian company specializing in producing high-quality active ingredients from plants.

It’s important to note that Firmenich has recently made a joint investment in Loop, a French reusable packaging company, showcasing its commitment to sustainability. As the fragrance and flavor production industry continues to evolve, major players are keen to invest in companies like Robertet, which hold significant promise for their success.

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