Givaudan, the prominent fragrance and aroma manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards expanding its Active Beauty business by acquiring a 48 percent stake in Nanovetores Group. This move aligns with Givaudan’s 2025 strategy to further grow its Active Beauty business, which is currently experiencing rapid expansion. Although the specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, this acquisition is expected to strengthen Givaudan’s position in the beauty market.

Nanovetores Group, established in 2009, is a Brazilian family-owned innovation company located in Florianopolis. They are renowned for their unique technology of encapsulation, which allows for the delivery of various award-winning ingredients used in beauty brands. Sustainability is a core focus for Nanovetores, as their products adhere to green chemistry principles and are water-based and free of organic solvents.

The partnership between Givaudan and Nanovetores brings together the expertise of both companies. Nanovetores will have the opportunity to provide their knowledge in sustainable product development and their proficiency in vectorisation and encapsulation of active cosmetic ingredients. This collaboration will enhance Givaudan’s active ingredients and contribute to the creation of clean cosmetic formulations in skincare, haircare, personal care, and makeup.

Laurent Bourdeau, head of active beauty at Givaudan, expressed enthusiasm regarding the partnership, highlighting that Nanovetores will introduce intelligent and sustainable solutions to enhance the effectiveness of their active ingredients. Nanovetores’ technology enables the utilization of fewer actives with improved efficacy, which aligns with the increasing customer preference for clean beauty products.

Dr Betina Giehl Zanetti Ramos and Ricardo Ramos, founders of Nanovetores, also anticipate the opportunities that this partnership will bring. They believe that the combined innovation capabilities of Nanovetores and Givaudan will unlock new possibilities for the beauty brands of their respective customers.

This collaboration with Nanovetores is not the first partnership for Givaudan in the fragrance and beauty industry. In June, the company acquired a 25 percent stake in B.Kolormakeup & Skincare with the aim of expanding its capabilities in this sector.

Through these strategic acquisitions, Givaudan is reinforcing its leading position in the fragrance and beauty industry. By teaming up with innovative companies like Nanovetores, Givaudan can enhance its offerings and meet the evolving needs and preferences of consumers in the beauty market. This move is aligned with Givaudan’s long-term strategy to drive growth and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

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