Gloucester Quays, located in the South West of England, experienced a phenomenal year in 2023, surpassing all expectations and achieving remarkable growth in footfall and sales. Peel L&P, the operator of the urban outlet, referred to it as a “milestone” year, as it not only achieved record leasing but also attracted renowned international brands throughout the year.

The success of Gloucester Quays can be attributed to several factors, including the addition of leading international brands like Puma, Timberland, and Next. These popular brands attracted a significant number of visitors, contributing to the overall increase in footfall. Moreover, the outlet has positioned itself as a comprehensive destination for a full-day out, offering various consumer activations and events that further enhanced its appeal.

In December, footfall at Gloucester Quays increased by an impressive 9.1% compared to the same period in the previous year. The overall spend also continued to rise consistently throughout the year. Notably, November and December witnessed a remarkable increase in sales, with retail spending rising by 10.4% and F&B spending increasing by 10.5%. This indicates that visitors prioritized completing their Christmas shopping earlier, and then shifted their focus to socializing and dining closer to the holiday.

Paul Carter, the Asset Director at Peel L&P, expressed his pride in the outstanding success of Gloucester Quays in 2023. He emphasized that the record-breaking figures speak for themselves and highlighted the outlet’s reputation as a unique and industry-leading destination. Both locals and new visitors are increasingly drawn to Gloucester Quays, choosing to spend significant amounts of time there.

The outstanding performance of Gloucester Quays in 2023 further solidifies its position as a thriving regional shopping center. Its impressive growth and continued success indicate that it is set to attract even more visitors and renowned brands in the future. With its vibrant atmosphere, wide range of stores, and diverse consumer offerings, Gloucester Quays is undoubtedly a must-visit destination in South West England.

To learn more about Gloucester Quays and its offerings, visit their official website: Gloucester Quays.

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