According to a recent survey by JOOR, a leading online wholesale management specialist, there is a growing demand for in-season and “evergreen” collections worldwide. The survey reveals that an increasing number of brands and designers are offering evergreen collections in response to buyer demand. Currently, 22% of brands are presenting these collections, compared to 15% last year. Evergreen collections allow brands and designers to extend their sales windows and maintain consistency in both products and sales. They provide confidence to fashion buyers by enabling more effective inventory management and the ability to focus on proven styles. Additionally, evergreen collections offer consumers the opportunity to continue purchasing their favorite styles over longer periods, a valuable opportunity often overlooked in an industry that emphasizes rapid trend-driven changes.

The survey also found that 39% of brands are extending their selling windows to accept orders closer to the delivery date, a significant increase of 33% from last year. Similarly, 53% of buyers anticipate extending their buying window by placing orders later in the season. This trend is observed globally, with North America leading the way, as 55% of buyers in that region plan to buy later in the season. JOOR attributes this trend to growing economic uncertainty, as buyers hold onto more of their budgets and make purchasing decisions closer to the season to align with trends and consumer demands. CEO Kristin Savilia comments on this trend, stating that brands and buyers currently seek stability and appreciate the flexibility of placing orders closer to the season.

Interestingly, fashion brands and designers are returning to wholesale, despite the industry’s recent emphasis on direct-to-consumer retail. JOOR emphasizes that wholesale offers a stable and reliable sales channel, with evidence from Lanvin Group, one of its clients, which reported soaring sales driven by a 260% growth in its wholesale business. Furthermore, nearly 60% of brands have achieved sales volumes equal to or greater than pre-pandemic levels, representing a significant improvement from last year’s 49%. Additionally, 52% of buyers have open-to-buy budgets equal to or greater than pre-pandemic levels. Overall, this data indicates a positive trend towards recovery in the wholesale sector.

In conclusion, there is a global increase in demand for in-season and evergreen collections, as brands and designers recognize the value of offering long-term, commercially consistent styles. Buyers are adjusting their purchasing strategies to accommodate this shift, opting to buy later in the season to align with trends. The resurgence of wholesale as a reliable sales channel demonstrates the industry’s desire for stability. As the fashion industry continues to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and economic conditions, in-season and evergreen collections will play a significant role in driving sales and satisfying customer demands.

1. JOOR: JOOR’s official website provides more information on their online wholesale management services mentioned in the article.
2. Lanvin Group: The official website of Lanvin Group, mentioned as an example of a brand experiencing success in their wholesale business.