UK-based athletic wear brand Gymshark is taking steps to expand its presence in North America with the opening of its first US distribution center in Rialto, California. Developed in partnership with e-commerce solutions provider Radial, the facility is scheduled to open in July 2021. Additionally, Gymshark has plans to open two more distribution centers on the east coast later this year. These strategic moves will enable Gymshark to reach a larger customer base in the US and enhance the return process, giving the brand a competitive advantage in the fitness wear market.

The new Rialto fulfillment center will utilize Radial’s Order Management (ROM) and transportation services to optimize inventory, process returns, and analyze customer data. The goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience and support Gymshark’s rapid growth in the US market. According to Gymshark’s general manager of North America, Henry Spear, Radial’s commitment to excellence and people-focused culture align closely with Gymshark’s values, making them the ideal choice for a distribution partner.

Gymshark has experienced substantial growth in recent years, particularly in its direct-to-consumer business. In 2020 alone, Radial processed nearly 950,000 units for Gymshark at its Mississauga location, with 360,000 units shipped during the holiday season. The brand expects high double-digit growth in the US market in the coming years.

By expanding its distribution network, Gymshark aims to not only streamline its operations but also meet the increasing demand for its products in the US. The new distribution centers will enable faster delivery and an improved return process, positioning Gymshark as a leader in the competitive fitness wear market. The brand’s focus on providing an exceptional customer experience and its partnership with Radial demonstrate its commitment to meeting the needs of its growing customer base. As Gymshark continues to expand its presence in North America, the opening of its first US distribution center represents a significant milestone in its journey to become a global athletic wear powerhouse.

For more information about Gymshark and its expansion plans, visit the company’s official website [Link: Gymshark Official Website]. To learn more about Radial and its e-commerce solutions, visit their website [Link: Radial Official Website].