Hackett London, the luxury brand under AWWG, has recently launched its latest AW22 campaign featuring brand ambassador Jenson Button, along with a refreshed graphic identity and logo. The new logo draws inspiration from the simplicity of elegant men, reflecting the brand’s commitment to looking towards the future while honoring its heritage.

The revamped logo is a reflection of founder Jeremy Hackett’s lifelong motto of “Keep it simple” and aims to reinforce the brand’s British identity. The typography of the brand’s name has been updated to a contemporary sans serif font, while the iconic bowler and umbrellas symbol has been simplified to align with modern graphic design trends.

Alongside the rebranding, Hackett London has unveiled its AW22 campaign starring Jenson Button. As a British racing driver and Formula 1 World Champion, Button embodies the brand’s values of quality and tradition. The AW22 collection is described as a fusion of timeless garments with a creative twist. The campaign, brought to life by creative agency Comunica+A and photographed by Charlie Gray, showcases Button enjoying the autumn nature and countryside lifestyle while sporting the collection. The color palette and sartorial expertise of the collection pay homage to Hackett London’s London roots.

The new logo and AW22 campaign signify an exciting chapter for Hackett London as it continues to evolve and embrace contemporary elegance. With its fresh graphic identity and a collection that seamlessly blends quality and uniqueness, Hackett London is ready to captivate the fashion world and demonstrate its timeless appeal.

For more information on Hackett London and its latest campaign, visit their official website [Link] and Instagram page [Link].

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