Halsey, the popular singer-songwriter, has recently unveiled her second beauty brand, AF94. This exciting new venture is set to hit the shelves of Walmart stores nationwide on July 25th. The name AF94 is a clever fusion of Halsey’s real name, Ashley Frangipane, and her birth year, 1994.

AF94 boasts an impressive selection of 67 cosmetics, catering specifically to the Gen-Z demographic. The range features products for eyes, lips, cheeks, and body, offering a wide array of vibrant colors and high-performance formulas. What’s more, Halsey’s expertise as a self-taught beauty expert and makeup artist is evident in AF94’s unique cosmetic accessories, including custom-designed face and body stickers that allow for creative experimentation.

One of the key selling points of AF94 is its affordability. With most items priced at $10 or below, Halsey aims to make quality makeup accessible to a broad consumer base. This objective is further reinforced through the brand’s partnership with Walmart. Being one of the largest retail giants in the United States, Walmart provides AF94 with a platform to reach a diverse range of customers. The collection will be available not only in approximately 2,900 Walmart stores nationwide but also through the Walmart.com website.

Halsey is thrilled about the launch of AF94, as it gives her the opportunity to offer affordable self-expression to a wider audience. She hopes that by wearing AF94’s makeup, individuals will be inspired to break beauty boundaries and embrace their creativity. Walmart also shares this vision of inclusivity in beauty and is excited to add AF94 to their lineup of affordable and diverse beauty products.

This isn’t Halsey’s first foray into the beauty industry. In 2021, she successfully introduced her first beauty brand, About-Face, which focuses on multidimensional color cosmetics. The introduction of AF94 not only expands Halsey’s presence in the beauty market but also solidifies her standing as a prominent figure in the industry.

AF94 is a testament to Halsey’s dedication to self-expression and inclusivity in the beauty world. As a multi-talented artist, she brings her creativity and expertise to curate a makeup line that resonates with her fans and customers. The brand’s collaboration with Walmart exemplifies Halsey’s commitment to making beauty accessible to all.

To learn more about AF94 and Halsey’s beauty journey, you can visit the official AF94 website (insert link here) or check out Halsey’s social media accounts (insert link here). Get ready to embrace your creativity and express yourself with AF94’s vibrant and affordable makeup collection, available at Walmart stores and online from July 25th onwards.