Self-Portrait founder Han Chong has made an exciting move by acquiring the renowned fashion label Roland Mouret. The acquisition comes after Roland Mouret recently faced administration due to the impact of the pandemic on the luxury occasionwear market. Chong’s newly-formed holding company, SP Collection, will now oversee the brand, while Roland Mouret himself will remain as the founder and creative chair.

This acquisition marks an interesting addition to Chong’s expanding luxury womenswear group. His own brand, Self-Portrait, has achieved success in the premium occasion dresses and separates market since its launch in 2013. Chong sees this purchase as an opportunity to create a platform that fosters outstanding creativity and design. He aims to provide the necessary infrastructure and resources for the labels within the group to thrive.

Chong, now the CEO of SP Collection, expressed his honor in taking the Roland Mouret brand to the next stage of its journey. He recognizes the brand’s powerful legacy and sees immense potential for development in the luxury market. Chong is thrilled to collaborate with Roland Mouret himself, as they share a vision of celebrating women and their diverse beauty.

The first collection under the new ownership is expected to be Resort 2023, which will be unveiled in June and available for purchase in November. While the purchase price remains undisclosed, it is unfortunate that Roland Mouret’s staff and retail operations are not included in the deal.

Both Self-Portrait and Roland Mouret have established themselves as reputable players in the fashion industry. This strategic acquisition sets the stage for a promising future as they join forces to further expand their brands globally. With Chong’s expertise and passion, combined with Roland Mouret’s creative vision, the fashion industry eagerly awaits the innovative and sophisticated designs that are sure to come from this collaboration.

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