Hand and Jones, an exciting new men’s lifestyle fashion brand, has finally launched after undergoing an extensive year-long process of research, design, and sampling. Despite the current difficulties faced by many brands in the fashion industry, Hand and Jones firmly believes in the potential for success. This confidence is reinforced by the impressive sales reported by several premium niche brands this year. Additionally, with the hopeful anticipation of life returning to normal in 2021, the timing of their debut seems particularly favorable.

The brand was founded by Graham Hand, a trained architect, and their partner, who prefers to maintain a low-profile. With an impressive background of over 30 years in the technical side of the fashion industry, Hand brings invaluable expertise to the creation of this premium menswear label. Drawing inspiration from their two locations, London and the picturesque town of Rye in East Sussex, Hand and their partner reside there with their beloved rescue dogs and cats.

Hand and Jones strives to provide discerning men with premium basics that draw inspiration from the stunning marshlands and seascapes surrounding Rye. The color palette is intricately influenced by the captivating beauty of this remote and evocative town. The brand’s initial collection includes men’s knitwear, accessories, and T-shirts, with plans to introduce underwear in the near future. The founders’ vision was to bridge a gap in the market by creating ageless, stylish, and timeless wardrobe staples that cater to men of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

One of the key pillars of Hand and Jones’ ethos is sustainability. The brand is dedicated to using natural fibers that are not only durable and breathable but also fully biodegradable. By establishing enduring relationships with respected producers, Hand and Jones can manufacture their products in limited quantities, effectively reducing environmental impact. The brand takes pride in maintaining a traceable supply chain, ensuring ethical practices and sustainability throughout the entire production process.

The debut collection showcases a range of seven striking knitwear styles, including a luxurious honeycomb raglan cashmere sweater and a blend of cashmere and virgin wool. Hand and Jones have also partnered with talented East Sussex artist and illustrator, Nicola Rowsell, incorporating her captivating lion and leopard illustrations into their 100% 12-gauge intarsia cashmere sweaters. Looking ahead, the brand plans to continue cultivating creative collaborations and expanding their product offerings to showcase the exceptional skills and creativity of local artisans and craftspeople in East Sussex.

With a commitment to accessibility, Hand and Jones offers a competitive pricing range. Products start at an affordable £50 for T-shirts and go up to £330 for their exquisite cashmere knits. By making premium basics more accessible, Hand and Jones aims to cater to a wider range of customers who appreciate enduring quality and style.

Despite the challenging market conditions, Hand and Jones exudes confidence in the uniqueness and quality of its products. By prioritizing sustainability, fostering creativity, and curating timeless style, the brand aspires to carve out its own niche in the men’s fashion industry. Hand and Jones seeks to attract customers who value premium basics that can truly withstand the test of time.

[Useful Link 1 – Hand and Jones Official Website](https://www.handandjones.com/)
[Useful Link 2 – Nicola Rowsell’s Portfolio](https://nicolarowsell.bigcartel.com/)