HanesBrands, a global apparel company, has recently made an exclusive distribution agreement with e-commerce giant Amazon for their value-priced C9 Champion brand. Previously, the C9 line was only available for purchase at Target stores. However, HanesBrands decided to end their distribution deal with Target in 2018, leading to this new partnership with Amazon.

This deal with Amazon has allowed the C9 Champion brand to expand its availability outside of the United States for the first time. Through a dedicated C9 Champion storefront on Amazon Fashion, customers from around the world can now access the line’s over 100 styles of active and workout wear for men, women, and children. The range includes leggings, jackets, t-shirts, shorts, socks, sports bras, gloves, hats, caps, bags, shoes, and even fitness equipment.

By entering into this exclusive distribution agreement, HanesBrands aims to provide consumers with an additional channel to access the C9 Champion brand and expand its international reach. The CEO of HanesBrands, Gerald W. Evans Jr., expressed his excitement about launching the C9 Champion line with Amazon Fashion, emphasizing the brand’s strong consumer equity and loyal following that has been built over the past 15 years. Evans highlighted that consumers love the line’s quality, selection, value, and accessible style. Initially, the focus will be on the top-selling styles, but HanesBrands expects the line to grow and offer more options based on its past popularity.

Champion, renowned for its iconic logo and 90s aesthetic, has been a successful brand within HanesBrands. In 2019, Champion experienced an impressive sales growth of 40%, contributing to HanesBrands’ overall 2% increase in annual revenues, reaching a total of $6.97 billion. The company plans to take advantage of the popularity of the Champion brand by making it more widely available to a global market.

For interested consumers, the Champion C9 products can now be purchased through the dedicated storefront on Amazon. This provides a convenient and efficient way for customers to access the active and workout wear offered by the C9 Champion brand.

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