Harley-Davidson is causing a stir in the fashion industry with its highly anticipated ‘H-D Collections’. This new line of lifestyle apparel embodies the brand’s rich heritage and genuine authenticity, captivating both motorcycle enthusiasts and fashion aficionados. The official launch of ‘H-D Collections’ is set for March 9, taking place on hdcollections.com. Consumers can look forward to a carefully curated selection of products, immersive experiences, and thrilling collaborations.

The ‘H-D Collections’ debut will feature three distinctive product lines: Bar & Shield by Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson Originals, and Harley-Davidson Authorized Vintage. Bar & Shield by Harley-Davidson represents a fusion of engineering, functionality, and motorcycle culture, delivering a sophisticated and stylish lifestyle product line. On the other hand, Harley-Davidson Originals draws inspiration from the brand’s illustrious history, offering a contemporary twist on classic designs.

For those who appreciate vintage apparel, Harley-Davidson Authorized Vintage is a collection that is sure to delight. This assortment showcases rare H-D clothing from various eras, with each item certified by the brand’s historians and accompanied by certificates of authenticity. From vintage T-shirts and sweatshirts to accessories, vests, jackets, and leathers, this line allows customers to own a piece of Harley-Davidson history. To keep things exciting, new vintage items will be added to the collection on a monthly basis.

Jochen Zeitz, the chairman, president, and CEO of Harley-Davidson, expressed his excitement for the launch of ‘H-D Collections’, stating, “With H-D Collections, we are celebrating two essential elements of our heritage: design and craftsmanship.” The brand aims to pay homage to its roots while pushing the boundaries of design, form, and function with the Bar & Shield line. With over 120 years of shaping motorcycle culture, Harley-Davidson is eager to continue its growth strategy and connect genuinely with consumers who embrace the adventurous spirit of the brand.

Heading the apparel design team based in the H-D Design Studio in New York City is Louise Goldin, the creative director. Alongside her team, Goldin will introduce additional lines and collaborations within ‘H-D Collections’. Their expertise and innovation will ensure that the brand remains at the forefront of fashion, captivating audiences with cutting-edge designs.

Besides its online availability, ‘H-D Collections’ will also make appearances at select cultural events and festivals. The first stop on this fashionable journey will be Austin, Texas, from March 10 to 14. By engaging directly with consumers at these live events, Harley-Davidson aims to create a distinct and immersive experience, further strengthening the bond between the brand and its fans.

As excitement continues to build, the launch of ‘H-D Collections’ has the potential to be a game-changer for Harley-Davidson. It solidifies the brand’s position not only as a leader in the motorcycle industry but also as a force to be reckoned with in fashion. By blending the legacy of motorcycle culture with innovative design, Harley-Davidson is poised to make a lasting impact on the fashion landscape.

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