Luxury British department store retailer Harrods is venturing into new territory with the launch of its first-ever private members’ club in Shanghai. The exclusive club, named HarrodsThe Residence, will be located in the Cha House and is slated to open its doors by the end of the year. This move marks a global first for Harrods and underscores the growing trend among retailers to expand their offerings beyond traditional retail.

Embodying the essence of quintessential British luxury, The Residence will serve as a testament to Harrods’ unwavering commitment to providing top-notch hospitality. Members of the club will have access to an extraordinary culinary experience curated by world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, along with an array of the rarest and most exclusive drinks in the world. The club will be a hub for exclusive private dinners, masterclasses, and an extensive range of lifestyle services.

Membership to The Residence comes with automatic access to Black Tier status within the Harrods Rewards program, offering associated benefits in the flagship store located in London. In addition, members will be granted privileges such as utilizing Harrods Aviation, Harrods Estates, Harrods Interior Design, and private shopping services at the Knightsbridge store. By providing these comprehensive offerings, Harrods aims to create unparalleled experiences for every member.

Initially, The Residence will only accept 250 members, with the possibility of additional members being considered based on peer nominations. Membership packages will be available at three tiers, with prices starting from an annual fee of 150,000 RMB (£16,000). Beyond the club’s impressive programming, which will include events centered around rare bottle collections and art sourcing, members will also benefit from Harrods’ extensive concierge connections and partnerships with luxury brands.

The introduction of The Residence in Shanghai signifies Harrods’ unwavering commitment to expanding its global presence and catering to a discerning community of members. This exclusive club aims to provide a one-of-a-kind and meticulously curated experience, combining world-class hospitality, exceptional dining, and unparalleled lifestyle services. With its storied heritage and reputation for luxury, Harrods is poised to establish an extraordinary destination in the heart of Shanghai, introducing the essence of British luxury to a new audience.

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