The second quarter of 2021 has proven to be a highly successful period for Alpargatas, the Brazilian footwear group known for its iconic brand, Havaianas. The company reported a turnover of 1.095 billion reals ($203 million), marking an impressive 71% increase compared to the same period last year. While it is important to acknowledge that part of this growth can be attributed to the challenging conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Havaianas’ strong performance played a crucial role in this achievement.

During this quarter, Havaianas focused on several strategic initiatives to further enhance its position in the global market. One key area of focus was expanding its international presence, specifically targeting the European market. This approach proved fruitful, as Havaianas experienced a remarkable 41% increase in sales and a 38% increase in business volume in Europe. These positive results were largely driven by the brand’s emphasis on strengthening its digital component, aligning with the current casual fashion trends that prioritize comfort and digital experiences.

In addition to expanding its geographical reach, Havaianas also diversified its product offering, catering to the evolving demands of consumers. This diversification, coupled with its commitment to meeting consumer demands for comfort and digital experiences, has solidified Havaianas’ position in the global market and contributed to its overall sales growth.

Notably, the brand achieved sales of 516 million reals during the second quarter, representing a significant 63% growth compared to the previous year. Online sales played a major role in this success, with Havaianas reporting a remarkable increase in online sales, reaching 220 million reals. This figure is three times higher than the growth seen in the same quarter of 2020. Online sales now account for 20% of Havaianas’ total sales, showcasing the brand’s ability to adapt to the changing landscape of retail.

Alpargatas, the parent company of Havaianas, also witnessed positive financial results during this period. The company’s EBITDA reached 222 million reals, marking a 56% increase compared to the previous year. Havaianas’ EBITDA margin also saw a notable improvement, reaching 30% during the quarter, demonstrating the brand’s ability to efficiently generate profit.

Overall, the second quarter of 2021 has been a period of significant growth and success for Havaianas and Alpargatas. The brand’s strong performance in the global market, particularly in Europe, along with its focus on digital experiences and catering to consumer demands for comfort, have been key factors in driving its sales growth. With a robust global demand and a solid market position, Havaianas is well-positioned for continued success in the footwear industry.

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