Henkel, the German consumer goods company, is determined to continue its pursuit of acquisitions despite recent interest rate hikes. CEO Carsten Knobel recently stated in an interview with the German newspaper Rheinische Post that the company has a strong balance sheet and has intentions to further expand its presence in the adhesive business and consumer goods sector through acquisitions.

Knobel also expressed confidence in the face of rising interest rates, explaining that it actually works in Henkel’s favor when competing for potential acquisitions. The company’s impressive credit ratings, which are a result of its solid financial position, make it an attractive choice for potential acquisitions.

Furthermore, Henkel’s CEO confirmed that the company is open to the possibility of repurchasing its operations in Russia in the future. These operations were previously sold for 600 million euros to a consortium of local financial investors. Knobel revealed that there is an option to buy back the business within the next decade, but emphasized that a simple ceasefire would not be enough to entice Henkel to consider a return. The company would require significant changes in the framework conditions and relations with Russia before contemplating a buyback.

Henkel’s commitment to acquisitions is a reflection of its ambition to expand its global presence and strengthen its position in the market. With their solid financial position and competitive advantage, the company is well-equipped to pursue further opportunities for growth.

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