Henkel, the German consumer goods group, has sold its skincare brand Diadermine to Dutch cosmetics company Beauty International B.V. The sale, valued at €16.32 million, was confirmed through official documents filed in France. Diadermine, known for its anti-ageing products, was founded in 1904 and has been owned by Henkel since the 1980s. However, as part of its rationalization efforts, Henkel has decided to divest the brand.

During a transitional period, Henkel will continue to oversee the business operations of Diadermine. To ensure a smooth transition, the company has entered into a distribution agreement with Labori International B.V., another Dutch company.

This divestment follows Henkel’s reorganization last year, which merged its cosmetics and detergents business units to form the Consumer Brands division. In the first quarter of 2023, the division reported a growth of 7.3%, generating a revenue of €2.7 billion.

Carsten Knobel, the CEO of Henkel, has expressed his intentions to pursue further acquisitions in the adhesives and consumer goods sectors. He also hinted at the possibility of buying back Henkel’s Russian business, previously sold to local investors for €600 million.

These strategic decisions align with Henkel’s commitment to optimizing its brand portfolio and focusing on its core strengths in adhesives and consumer goods. By divesting Diadermine and potentially seeking new acquisitions, the company aims to position itself for future growth and success in the competitive market.

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