Heydude, the popular footwear label, has recently unveiled its fresh brand identity as a part of Crocs. The primary objective behind this transformation is to expand its reach and resonate with both new and existing fans. The brand’s revamped identity revolves around a platform called ‘Good To Go-To’, which centers on the idea that amidst a world that often feels pessimistic, your go-to items provide support and joy.

To bring this ‘go-to’ vibe to life, Heydude has introduced new logos, fonts, and a color palette that convey a sense of genuineness, trust, and reliability. The new look also incorporates hand-drawn elements and creative messaging with a slightly weathered aesthetic.

Consumer input played a crucial role in the development of this brand identity. Heydude conducted numerous focus groups across America, engaged hundreds of individuals in online forums, and conducted an extensive consumer segmentation study. Through these efforts, the brand collaborated with consumers and gathered their feedback to explore various positioning possibilities.

Rick Blackshaw, the president of Heydude, expressed the brand’s commitment to its fans and their adoration for Heydude shoes. He emphasized their dedication to continue producing their beloved classics while introducing new designs that uphold the unparalleled Heydude feeling – shoes that are exceptionally cushioned, comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and simply out of this world. Blackshaw also highlighted the brand’s challenge of discovering and conveying the soul of Heydude in ways that celebrate its incredible fans and the products they cherish.

This transformation of the brand identity comes as Heydude strives to become a $1 billion brand under the ownership of Crocs. In February, Crocs acquired Heydude with a deal worth $2.05 billion in cash and 2,852,280 shares issued to Heydude’s founder.

Overall, the new brand identity of Heydude under Crocs aims to captivate fresh audiences while maintaining the loyalty of existing fans. By embracing the ‘Good To Go-To’ concept, the brand aspires to establish a genuine and positive connection with consumers. With this revamp, Heydude is turning the page to a new chapter in its journey, celebrating its fans, and showcasing its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional footwear.

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