Let’s imagine happiness as a music box with very sweet and deceptive music: everything is fine, but we are not really happy, and we actually feel a little depressed. Why does this happen?

Some days are harder than others. They seem happy on the surface, full of meaning, beauty, joy. The truth is that, as in a theatre, everything is fake, but nothing is false: life, when you suffer from hidden depression, has some mechanisms that get stuck. Let’s imagine it as a beautiful, very delicate music box, with sweet music that grabs our heart strings. Then, everything stops: the carousel doesn’t turn anymore. And neither do we.

We could almost feel comfort in the idea of ​​not being happy in the face of happiness. Forgive the repetition, but there’s no other way to put it. Yes, sometimes, when everything is going well, we feel guilty. On other occasions, however, we try to dampen our enthusiasm. But there’s also her, nestled in our minds, silent and potentially harmful: her, which is called depression and we wish we never wanted to meet.

The Hidden Depression

Being happy is not a crime. Nor be depressed. Having full control of our feelings and emotions means going from one extreme to the other. It happens to everyone at least once in their life: we are happy, we are fine, there is no reason to be overcome by sadness, nostalgia, melancholy. Why let yourself be wrapped in a veil of tears? Why do our eyes get watery? Suddenly, maybe. Without coherent thoughts. Or healthy impulses.

We are not always able to answer this question. We are not simply because digging within us can hurt us. Indeed, we know very well that it will. Some have unresolved conflicts, an unresolved trauma. Others are afraid of losing control over their lives, and consequently over the happiness so chased, longed for so long that it has lost its meaning.

Being Healthy Doesn’t Mean Being Happy

It hurts to think about it, but even when things are going well, we ca n’t be happy. And the reasons must be sought within us. We said that digging hurts, but also ignoring, playing hide and seek with yourself. It’s actually one of the most harmful things we could ever do. Identifying the hidden depression, then, is in most cases a real hell. But it’s also the fault of a society that has taught us a stupid axiom: if everything goes well, you must be happy.

No, we don’t have to. We can be grateful for what we have, that we have a job, friends, even love to rely on. To have our parents, to be able to talk on the phone, to have two pennies in my pocket to travel or to bring bread to the table. In the measure of things, however, good does not equal happiness. Good is always and only the opposite of evil, which attacks us right at the moments when we are most vulnerable.

Defeating Hidden Depression Is Necessary

Are we sure we’re fine emotionally ? We rarely ask. We ask others, friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues. We ask everyone how things are going, even in a summary way. But why don’t we ask ourselves? We are afraid to answer. To dig, once again, and find that demon that never left. We can defeat him once and for all. Finding your inner balance is the first step towards a future of awareness and inevitable beauty .

It would be nice to be happy when the moment calls for it. Have healthy emotions, without fear of being indiscreet, excessive. Happiness is, excessive in a biting and raw way. And it’s beautiful like this. It doesn’t have to be a woodworm though. Above all, it must not be “dirtied” by depression. Let us not become melancholy spectators – to quote Renato Zero – of our soul. We release the pain. We fight demons. Let’s look within ourselves. There is so much beauty in the world. Why deprive ourselves of it?