Hirestreet, the leading UK rental platform, has appointed Rosie Hartman as its Strategy Lead as part of its transformation into a rental marketplace. This strategic hire comes alongside the launch of a new website and the company’s rebranding efforts to align with its marketplace vision.

Hartman, known for her experience in disruptive fashion, has previously held senior positions at Zalando, Depop, and Otrium. With her expertise, Hirestreet aims to transition from a start-up rental platform to a scale-up rental marketplace. The focus now involves working closely with brand partners to co-market their rental offerings.

The decision to hire Hartman is a significant milestone for Hirestreet, as she becomes the first strategic hire to lead a UK rental platform, rather than being led by the founder. Isabella West, the founder of Hirestreet, recognizes Hartman’s experience as essential for scaling up the business.

In addition to the strategic hire, Hirestreet has also undergone a rebranding and channel refresh to reflect its marketplace vision. The new branding aims to be bold and lively, while usability improvements have been made to bring the platform closer to its mission of providing sustainable style for all occasions.

Looking ahead to 2022, Hirestreet has exciting industry-shaping partnerships with well-known retailers in the pipeline. The company also plans to introduce new stock from beloved brands. An increased focus will be placed on its ‘Bundles’ offer, allowing customers to rent three items for a fixed fee for one month.

The timing of these developments couldn’t be better for the rental sector. As the world gradually returns to normal after the pandemic, 2022 is expected to see a surge in events and special occasions. Consumers may prefer to rent upscale clothing instead of purchasing it outright, especially for more casual styles. Hirestreet’s Bundles collection enables customers to have a constantly rotating wardrobe of sustainable styles.

With the strategic hire of Rosie Hartman, a rebranding, and exciting new partnerships on the horizon, Hirestreet is poised for success. The company continues to provide innovative rental solutions and brings sustainable style to the forefront of the fashion industry.

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