After a three-year hiatus, Hood by Air, the renowned fashion brand founded by Shayne Oliver and Raul López in 2006, is making a highly anticipated comeback. The New York-based brand, known for its club-kid-inspired streetwear, quickly rose to prominence in the fashion industry, receiving prestigious awards such as the LVMH Special Jury Prize in 2014 and the CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear in 2015.

However, in 2017, Hood by Air faced financial and internal challenges, resulting in a temporary pause. Despite the setbacks, rumors of a relaunch have been circulating, and now the brand has finally revealed more details about its new structure and direction.

The relaunched Hood by Air will operate under four distinct entities: ‘Hood by Air’, ‘HBA’, ‘Museum’, and ‘Anonymous Club’. The main label, ‘Hood by Air’, will remain at the core of the brand and will focus on product launches, activations, and events centered around a yearly theme. ‘HBA’ will serve as a direct-to-consumer platform, enabling direct dialogue with customers and hosting product drops and retail experiences related to the annual theme. ‘Museum’ will showcase updated versions of archival Hood by Air designs, with selected pieces reinterpreted by designers-in-residence. Lastly, ‘Anonymous Club’ will provide a platform to support and promote young talent, establishing a community known as the Hood by Air Alumni.

In its relaunch, Hood by Air is placing significant emphasis on showcasing fresh and innovative work, particularly from Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) talent. The brand recognizes the need to challenge the fashion and creative industries’ exclusionary practices and aims to present diverse perspectives.

Hood by Air strongly believes that the creative industries have distanced themselves from genuine culture, often favoring gentrified works over radical ones. To counter this, the brand is determined to reclaim and establish spaces where new ideas can thrive, challenging outdated systems. By bringing together a community of young, Black, and POC creatives, Hood by Air aims to redefine the concept of luxury for future audiences.

To kickstart its relaunch, Hood by Air has planned two exciting projects. The first project is a limited-edition t-shirt created in collaboration with Uprising, a charity initiative that supports Black and queer communities. The second is a special ‘Cash Card’ designed by Shayne Oliver in partnership with the mobile payment service Cash App. Proceeds from both projects will be donated to organizations such as Black Trans Femmes in the Arts, Emergency Release Fund, and Gays & Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society.

As Hood by Air reintroduces itself to the fashion industry, there is immense anticipation surrounding the brand’s revival and its contributions to pushing boundaries and challenging traditional notions of luxury. With its innovative approach and commitment to uplifting marginalized voices, Hood by Air is poised to make a significant impact on the fashion and creative industries once again.

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