Hotter Shoes owner Unbound Group has announced its partnership with various brands for its new multibrand online retail platform. The platform, aimed at the 55+ demographic, will expand its current offerings of comfort footwear to include shoes, clothing, and wellness products in the future. Although the company did not reveal the names of its partner brands, it remains confident in the market appeal of its proposition, as demonstrated by its strong performance in the first quarter.

The launch of the new platform is scheduled for September, with the participating brands being disclosed in July. In the meantime, Hotter Shoes continues to thrive with its existing monobrand offer. The company reported a significant growth in revenue and an improvement in gross margin in the latest quarter. Its omnichannel strategy has also led to exceptional performance in its stores. This success followed a previous restructuring where Hotter Shoes closed a number of stores to focus on its high-performing outlets.

Additionally, Hotter Shoes has seen an increase in its active customer base, with over one million subscribers in its email database. This achievement is noteworthy given the challenging economic conditions in the UK, including inflation, disruptions in the supply chain, and geopolitical events such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite these obstacles, the company remains optimistic about its future and attributes its success to its strong brand, resilient business model, and ability to adapt quickly.

Ian Watson, CEO of Hotter Shoes, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s progress and improved financial performance. He also highlighted the development of the Unbound Group platform and the acquisition of exciting partner brands in the footwear and apparel sectors. Hotter Shoes is currently in positive discussions with potential partners to further expand its offerings in footwear, apparel, and wellness products. This phased implementation approach will be followed by the inclusion of other target categories, all informed by valuable insights derived from its consumer base.

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