Whether you’re a person or a brand, there are multiple ways to become more sustainable in your way of living & creating. 

We shouldn’t focus on going to a radical sustainable lifestyle from a day to another, but here we’re aiming for progression than perfection, Niood is giving you a couple of everyday tips to help you become more sustainable, taking a day by day new habits can make a huge change than just focussing in one thing which most of the people do ( bin recycling) 

  • always have a mini reusable bag in your hand bag ( even if you’re not planning a shopping day, you never know what we end up carrying by the end of the day, could be shopping, food, a last minute purchase ) 
  • 10 min shower & reduce baths  ( it will save time, and if you’re a bath lover, reduce the amount of bath, it will help the planet & you’ll enjoy more your cozy bath when you take one) 
  • setUse reusable coffee cups to have your tea or coffee 
  • Turn off the light everytime you leave the room 
  • Eat less meat 
  • Go Paperless 
  • Donate unused items
  • Buy fair trade products