If you are engaged to be married, chances are you have been in a relationship for quite some time. Now, you are looking at your gorgeous engagement ring and might be thinking, “We’re on to the next level. What’s in store for me and my intended?”

Short-term wise? Well, wedding planning. One of the best pieces of pre-marriage advice is keeping love alive during the wedding planning. It’s easy to get lost amid gown and suit shopping, food tasting, and seating arrangements – not to mention relatives who can’t be in the same room together. The stress can wear you down, leaving you drained with romance as the last thing on your mind. Don’t let your wedding planning ruin your romance, though. After all, the wedding is about you and your love for each other!

Here are a few ideas to keep the romance alive after getting engaged.

Prioritize date nights

There are so many exciting aspects to planning your wedding with your partner. Going on cake or meal tastings for the event is an enjoyable (and delicious) way to spend an afternoon with your fiancé. These, however, should not be considered quality time spent together. Make time for proper dates. After a long week, use this time to unwind, have fun, laugh, and reconnect with one another.

Get away

You don’t have to wait until your honeymoon to plan a romantic getaway with your fiancé. Even a weekend away in the next town over can feel like an exciting, non-wedding-related adventure. This is an excellent opportunity to unwind together, strengthen your romantic bond, and work on developing sexual and emotional chemistry with your future spouse.

Workout together

If you want to get leaner for your wedding day, exercising together is a great way to stay on track. Make it your regular activity as a couple and achieve those fitness goals together! Nothing like pumping up happy hormones with the love of your life.

Learn something new together

Movie night is a sacred tradition for couples until you’ve exhausted the Netflix library and there’s nothing left to watch. Rather than doom-scrolling on your phone (or watch Friends for the 76th time), find new ways to bond. Enrol in a yoga class, learn a new language, or get dance lessons together. Whatever it is, you will feed off each other’s excitement and enthusiasm about learning something new. 

Not all talks should be wedding talk

You and your partner will occasionally benefit from putting a stop to wedding talk. Wedding planning is exciting, but it can quickly consume every conversation you have with your fiancé, friends, and family. Set aside regular time for yourself and your partner to discuss something other than the big day. 

Stay physically intimate

This may seem obvious, but physical intimacy can be challenging to maintain as time passes and when home and work demands take precedence. Unfortunately, routine is rarely the spice of life—or love life. According to a blog post by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the dreaded sex slump occurs around a relationship’s three- or four-year mark. An excellent way to mitigate this seemingly common occurrence in long-term relationships is to be intentional about what you want regarding physical intimacy. Communicate what you want, and stay open and curious as a couple.

Express gratitude

It is a fundamental need to be seen and valued, especially by the people we love. Words of appreciation can go a long way in relationships. Make it a habit to verbalize your appreciation for what your partner does for you – whether it’s as simple as packing your bag for your trip to a prospective wedding venue the next day or buying you your favorite coffee in the morning. Not only will your fiancé feel seen and appreciated, but you will also become more conscious of all your partner’s beautiful contributions to your life. Energy grows where gratitude flows.

Learn and master your partner’s love language

The five known love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service. You and your partner may differ in how you show and receive love. While you may feel loved getting a random hug, your partner may prefer being driven home from work on a tiring day. Knowing your fiance’s love language can make expressing your love more intentional and sincere.

Final thoughts

A lot of things can fall into the cracks in the middle of wedding planning but don’t let romance take the hit. You are building a life together, so take this opportunity to lay a good foundation. There’s no tried and true formula to keep the spark alive forever. You know relationship best, so work together to keep the romance going.