Hugo Boss, the renowned German luxury brand, has recently announced a significant investment of $9 million in HeiQ, a Swiss yarn firm. This move is a part of Hugo Boss’s ongoing efforts to create more sustainable clothing and contribute to a greener fashion industry. The collaboration between these two companies aims to leverage the unique properties of HeiQ’s closed-loop yarn, known as AeoniQ, which is made from cellulosic biopolymers.

One of the outstanding features of AeoniQ yarns is their ability to bind carbon from the atmosphere during their growth phase. This means that the production of these yarns has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to traditional yarns and cellulosic products. Hugo Boss recognizes the importance of addressing sustainability concerns in the fashion industry and considers HeiQ’s technology as a game-changer that will pave the way for innovation and sustainability throughout their brand offerings.

As a part of this partnership, Hugo Boss will invest $5 million in HeiQ and enter into exclusive partnership arrangements worth up to $4 million based on performance milestones. The funds raised from this investment will be primarily utilized to scale up and commercialize HeiQ’s groundbreaking yarn technology. HeiQ has ambitious plans to construct its first commercial giga factory in Central Europe by 2024, along with a pilot facility for fiber production later this year.

The collaboration between Hugo Boss and HeiQ is expected to have a significant impact on the textile industry’s ongoing efforts to decarbonize and reduce plastic microfiber pollution in oceans. Carlo Centonze, the CEO of HeiQ, has expressed unwavering confidence in the partnership’s ability to scale their bio-based technology and make a positive contribution to the environment.

For Hugo Boss, this partnership with HeiQ represents a crucial step in their journey towards becoming a leading global premium tech-driven fashion platform. By embracing innovative and sustainable solutions like HeiQ’s AeoniQ yarn, Hugo Boss aims to drive measurable impact for both the environment and society. This investment reflects their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion while simultaneously prioritizing sustainability.

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