Hugo Boss, the renowned German fashion house, has made a groundbreaking decision that will continue even after the coronavirus pandemic ends. The company has announced that its employees will only need to work in the office from Tuesday to Thursday, and they will have the option to work remotely on Mondays and Fridays. This decision was influenced by an internal survey which revealed that working from home during the pandemic reduced stress levels for most employees and allowed them to spend more quality time with their families. The managers at Hugo Boss also expressed satisfaction with the productivity of remote work.

Jochen Eckhold, the human resources director at Hugo Boss, stated that “The future belongs to tailored combinations of office-based and off-site work.” This statement emphasizes the company’s belief that their hybrid working model perfectly meets the desires of their employees for alternative scheduling and location options. By allowing their employees to work remotely for two days a week, Hugo Boss aims to create a better work-life balance for their staff.

The implementation of this new working schedule brings several benefits to Hugo Boss. It allows for more effective scheduling of meetings and events, which ultimately boosts the company’s image as an employer. Furthermore, it contributes positively to the environment by reducing commuting. Initially, this new working model will be applicable to approximately 3,200 employees in Germany whose roles don’t require physical presence in the office, starting from October. However, Hugo Boss anticipates that similar models will also be adopted by their subsidiaries worldwide.

This decision comes at a time when Hugo Boss foresees the return of demand for suits and formalwear as lockdown measures gradually ease. Despite experiencing a significant 59% decrease in sales during the second quarter, the company is adapting to the increasing preference for casual styles. By offering a flexible working arrangement, Hugo Boss aims to stay ahead of the evolving fashion industry while prioritizing the well-being of its employees.

To conclude, Hugo Boss is boldly embracing the hybrid working model that combines office-based and remote work. By allowing their employees to work from home on Mondays and Fridays, the company demonstrates their commitment towards creating a harmonious work-life balance. This new working model not only benefits the employees but also enhances Hugo Boss’ appeal as an employer and contributes to a sustainable future by reducing commuting. As Hugo Boss expects other subsidiaries to adopt similar models worldwide, it is setting a trend in the fashion industry that goes beyond style and extends to the way work is conducted.

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