Hugo Boss is ramping up its efforts to target a younger demographic with its rebranded Hugo label. In a bid to attract festival-goers attending Coachella, Hugo Boss hosted a series of events in Palm Springs over the weekend. The highlight of these events was the launch of the Hugo House, a creative space tailored for TikTokers and talents. The house, located in downtown Palm Springs, proudly showcased the brand’s signature colors of red, black, and white, and featured eye-catching light installations and a denim walkway.

Partnering with eyewear company Safilo, the Hugo House offered an array of activities, including workshops and poolside happy hours, to foster a sense of community. The result? The brand successfully created an inviting and engaging atmosphere that resonated with its target audience. Well-known TikTok creators such as Markell Washington and Benji Krol reveled in their uniquely decorated rooms, with daily updates from the house shared on the popular TikTok show “What’s Poppin’.” Notable social media stars including Michael Le, Tiffany Le, Avani Gregg, and Anthony Reeves were also on the guest list, further amplifying the brand’s social media visibility through the use of the hashtag #HUGOYourWay.

The events at the Hugo House featured a range of activities designed to enhance the festival experience. Attendees had the opportunity to customize their festival outfits through an embroidery session and learn the art of tie-dye from local LA designers. Additionally, guests could visit the Hugo x Soho Desert House, an intriguing pop-up located in the middle of the desert. Hugo and Safilo ensured that entertainment was not in short supply, with a live performance by brand ambassador Big Matthew and an eye-catching art installation in the shape of oversized Hugo sunglasses.

These events ultimately aimed to introduce Hugo Boss to its desired audience and create a strong connection through their shared enthusiasm for social media. Moreover, they align with Hugo Boss’s broader strategy of hosting promotional events to cater to young, affluent consumers. Previous successful initiatives include the brand’s official partnership with the Hahnenkamm Races, the Boss Dubai desert event, and its collaboration with Russell Athletic. These efforts have yielded significant results, including record sales in 2022. Hugo Boss’s financial performance in 2021, coupled with its strategic approach to engaging with the younger demographic, suggests that the brand understands the importance of continuously adapting to capture the attention and loyalty of its target market.

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