Hush, the popular women’s fashion and lifestyle brand, has announced positive sales growth despite the difficult circumstances presented by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and political uncertainty across Europe. In its annual accounts for the year ending in March, Hush expressed satisfaction with its performance throughout this challenging period.

The company experienced a notable 17% increase in sales, reaching an impressive £68 million. The majority of this growth can be attributed to Hush’s own e-commerce website, which saw both a boost in new customers and increased sales from existing ones. Hush also reported a significant rise in brand awareness, resulting in a 17% expansion of its customer database.

While there was a 6% increase in gross profit, the rise in profitability was not as substantial as the increase in sales. This can be attributed to higher costs, mainly associated with the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the supply chain.

Despite the challenges, Hush remained committed to investing in marketing and staff to ensure future growth. Consequently, the company’s operating profit for the year amounted to £8.6 million, which is 25% lower than the previous year’s operating profit of over £11 million. Profit after tax for the year stood at £7.48 million, a decrease from £9.86 million in the previous year.

Hush successfully navigated the pandemic by capitalizing on the strong demand for loungewear during lockdown periods. Additionally, the company seized the opportunity to launch upgraded e-commerce sites, positioning itself for accelerated growth.

Beyond its business achievements, Hush has also embraced meaningful projects. Earlier this year, the brand introduced the first-ever collection created by its five in-house interns, recognizing and celebrating young talent within the company. Furthermore, Hush partnered with the charity Hackney Empire as part of its Creative Futures Programme, providing opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to engage in arts and creativity.

Overall, Hush has effectively confronted and overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and political instability in Europe. The company’s robust sales growth and continued investments in marketing and staff demonstrate a promising future for the brand. With its commitment to nurturing young talent and making a positive impact in the community, Hush is not only a successful business but also a socially responsible brand.

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