Hypernatural, a new eco-luxury polo brand, has recently been launched by Chris Kolbe and Christian Arkins, co-founders who aim to revolutionize the polo shirt industry. Often referred to as the “Tesla of polo shirts,” Hypernatural combines luxury with eco-friendly materials to create a truly exceptional product. Leading the company is CEO Chris Kolbe, a distinguished figure in the fashion industry with an impressive background working for renowned brands such as Belk, Land’s End, Polo Ralph Lauren, and J. Crew. Joined by Christian Arkins, the former head designer of J.Crew and Original Penguin, Kolbe and Arkins have embarked on a mission to create a sustainable and comfortable polo shirt that surpasses the current market offerings.

The founders noticed that despite the polo shirt’s long-standing presence in men’s wardrobes, most of them are made with polyester and chemicals, leading to a lack of quality and sustainability. To address this issue, Kolbe and Arkins dedicated two years to extensive research and testing, resulting in the development of a fabric made from Supima cotton, known for its softness and durability. Additionally, they incorporated natural and recycled materials such as jade stone and crab shells into the fabric. This unique combination makes the fabric 95% biodegradable and 50% derived from regenerative waste. The microscopic jades embedded in the fabric contribute to heat dissipation, ensuring a cool and comfortable wearing experience. Furthermore, the incorporation of crab shells provides odor protection and promotes skin health.

Hypernatural’s debut collection of polo shirts offers four main styles, available in two fabric options (micro pique and featherweight jersey) and two cuts (classic and slim). The collection also boasts an extensive range of 29 solid colors to cater to different customer preferences. The polo shirts are priced at $135 or $165 and feature a magpie logo, symbolizing the brand’s emphasis on intelligence and sophistication.

While initially focusing on the U.S. market, Hypernatural plans to expand its presence and enter the golf market by 2024. The brand has already secured wholesale partnerships with esteemed retailers such as Rothman’s in New York, Nordstrom, Fred Segal, and Wittmore in Los Angeles. Alongside the launch of an e-shop, the founders also have plans to establish retail stores in the future, allowing customers to experience the quality and uniqueness of Hypernatural’s products firsthand.

Looking ahead, Hypernatural aspires to expand its product offerings beyond polo shirts. The brand aims to delve into other categories such as men’s and women’s clothing, sleepwear, home goods, and underwear, all while staying true to their commitment to natural performance and materials that are harmonious with the skin. Hypernatural’s dedication to sustainability and innovation positions the brand to make a significant impact in the fashion industry.

For more information about Hypernatural and to browse their collection of eco-luxury polo shirts, visit their website here. Additionally, for updates and news about the brand, follow their official Instagram page @hypernaturalofficial.