Despite facing opposition from shareholders, Iain McDonald has successfully maintained his position as a non-executive director at THG, a digital retail group. During the company’s annual general meeting, a significant number of shareholders, constituting almost a quarter of the investors, voted against his re-election. Nevertheless, THG has expressed its support for McDonald, emphasizing its commitment to boosting confidence within the organization.

Last year, McDonald encountered criticism from investors who questioned his ability to provide unbiased judgment due to his longstanding tenure on the board. Nonetheless, THG considers him an invaluable member of the team and has chosen to retain him as a director. The company acknowledges its duty to represent shareholder interests and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, remaining receptive to constructive communication with shareholders and relevant bodies.

In addition to McDonald’s re-election, THG also disclosed the appointment of Helen Jones as an independent director on the same day as the vote. This addition to the board further reinforces the company’s governance structure and injects a fresh perspective into its decision-making processes.

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