Iconix International Inc. has made an exciting announcement about its recent acquisition of popular streetwear brand Hoodrich. The acquisition is part of a strategic partnership with the brand’s founder, Jay Williams, and together, they aim to take Hoodrich to new heights by expanding its global reach. Iconix will leverage its extensive network of licensees to introduce Hoodrich to new markets and product categories.

Despite the acquisition, Hoodrich will continue to operate from its existing headquarters in Birmingham and Watford. Iconix will work closely with Batra Group to handle business operations and collaborate with JD Sports, a key retail partner. This partnership with industry leaders like Batra Group and JD Sports is expected to contribute significantly to the success and growth of Hoodrich.

Bob Galvin, CEO of Iconix International Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and the opportunity to grow Hoodrich alongside their esteemed partners. He believes the brand’s authentic brand story positions it perfectly to meet the increasing demand for lifestyle streetwear. Galvin is committed to expanding Hoodrich’s global audience and building upon the impressive journey started by Jay Williams.

Since its launch in 2014, Hoodrich has quickly become a leading lifestyle streetwear brand. It currently has a presence in over 1000 retail outlets across 24 countries and runs a successful direct-to-consumer e-commerce business. The brand’s reputation and reach were further solidified when it collaborated with Netflix in 2022 on an exclusive collection to celebrate the second season of the popular British show, Top Boy.

Jay Williams, the founder of Hoodrich, expressed his excitement for the brand’s future and the opportunity to expand internationally. Williams believes that the partnership with Iconix and Batra will provide strong support for Hoodrich’s global growth. Despite the acquisition, Williams will maintain ownership interest in the brand as they work together to make Hoodrich even greater.

With this acquisition and partnership, Iconix is making significant strides in the streetwear market. The strong brand presence and global recognition of Hoodrich, combined with the expertise and resources of Iconix, Batra Group, and JD Sports, create a promising future for the streetwear brand. As the demand for streetwear continues to grow, Hoodrich is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and become a dominant player in the industry.

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