Il Makiage, the rapidly expanding beauty-tech brand hailing from America, is preparing to enter the UK market with the launch of its direct-to-consumer website. The company strategically chose to make its debut during the lockdown period, as the surge in online shopping has presented a unique opportunity for growth. Having already successfully migrated millions of customers from offline to online makeup purchases in the US, Il Makiage aims to offer British consumers high-quality makeup formulations and a hassle-free shopping experience through informative tutorials.

What sets Il Makiage apart from its competitors is its innovative fusion of beauty and technology. Rather than simply focusing on product sales, the brand prioritizes enhancing the overall customer experience. To achieve this, the company acquired NeoWize, a data science startup specializing in advanced machine learning algorithms. By harnessing the power of this technology, Il Makiage aims to revolutionize the beauty industry and provide its customers with optimized and innovative e-commerce experiences.

One noteworthy aspect of the brand’s platform is its influencer affiliate program. Through the use of video content, customers can click on specific products used in the videos and seamlessly navigate to a page where those products are showcased. In addition to this convenience, the influencers featured in the videos earn a commission ranging from 10% to 20% of the product’s sales figures. The platform’s machine learning capabilities further enhance the shopping experience by tailoring personalized recommendations of videos and products based on each user’s preferences.

With its foray into the UK market, Il Makiage intends to revolutionize the way consumers discover and purchase makeup products. Through the integration of technology, high-quality formulations, and influencer collaborations, the brand is well-positioned to make a significant impact. As online shopping continues to gain popularity, Il Makiage’s innovative approach that combines beauty and technology is sure to resonate with UK consumers.

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