The CEO of Italian menswear label Pal Zileri, Marco Sanavia, has expressed the profound impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the company. As a result of the closure of all 20 of Pal Zileri’s monobrand stores across Europe and worldwide, as well as the closure of their commercial partners’ stores, sales have come to a standstill. Sanavia explained that their spring/summer collection is not selling due to the financial struggles that their commercial partners are also facing, leading to delayed payments.

In addition to the current difficulties, Sanavia also expressed concern over the cancellation of pre-orders and orders for the fall/winter collection, as well as uncertainties surrounding the next spring/summer season due to the postponement of men’s fashion week. With the company currently closed, the production of samples is impossible. However, despite these challenges, some staff members are working remotely to continue customer service and collection design activities. Nevertheless, revenue figures for the past few weeks have been disheartening with zero sales.

Sanavia emphasized that the measures implemented by the Italian government to combat the Covid-19 crisis may not be enough to support the manufacturing side of their business, which operates on a different time-scale than other sectors. He also highlighted liquidity issues and the lack of clarity regarding rental fees, as Pal Zileri operates its own stores and some commercial partners are also struggling. Sanavia stressed the crucial need for more comprehensive and robust measures to support both household income and businesses in these difficult times.

Despite the unprecedented challenges faced by Pal Zileri, there remains a glimmer of hope. The majority shareholder has stepped up to provide significant support and make substantial donations. Prior to the outbreak, the company had enjoyed encouraging results and experienced considerable growth in recent years. The success of their diverse range of men’s daily wear and widely acclaimed design style was evident in their successful collections in January. The goal now is to restart operations as soon as circumstances allow and surpass previous achievements.

In conclusion, Pal Zileri, like countless other businesses, has been profoundly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The closure of stores and lack of sales have left the company in a challenging situation. While they remain hopeful for the future, they emphasize the urgent need for stronger government measures and support to overcome the formidable challenges posed by this global crisis.

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