UK beauty and personal care products developer, InnovaDerma, has announced impressive financial results for the first half of the year. The company attributes this success to the strong performance of its online store, as well as the launch of several new products. One of InnovaDerma’s leading brands, Skinny Tan, experienced significant revenue growth during this period. InnovaDerma also owns other brands including Charles + Lee, Roots, and two life sciences products.

During the first six months of the year, InnovaDerma’s revenue increased by 28% to £5 million, compared to £3.9 million in the same period the previous year. The success of Skinny Tan in the company’s online store and in the UK retail market was the primary driver of this growth.

InnovaDerma achieved exceptional demand by launching a limited-edition Choc range in Superdrug. Another boost in sales was seen with the Wonder Serum, available in Boots. Despite having contracts with major beauty retailers in the UK, the company’s direct-to-consumer channel was the largest contributor to its revenue during this period, accounting for 56% of total revenue. Promotional activities during the Black Friday and Christmas periods helped drive sales and increase traffic.

In addition to the strong financial performance, InnovaDerma’s portfolio of brands achieved several milestones. Skinny Tan expanded its presence in Boots and launched at Tesco, while Roots introduced new products. Charles + Lee experienced significant revenue growth compared to the previous year and continued to gain momentum with Australian retailers. Looking ahead, Charles + Lee is expected to expand its geographical footprint, and Roots will receive increased marketing and product development focus to expand its customer base.

With the positive momentum achieved in the first half of the year, InnovaDerma is confident in its performance for the remainder of the year. The company plans to launch a new product category, and is optimistic about strong revenue and profit growth in the second half of the year, thanks to an expanded retail footprint and continued focus on direct-to-consumer channels in key regions.

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