Inspecs, a prominent eyewear company headquartered in Bath, has recently announced its acquisition of a lens business from The Norville Group. The Norville Group is an established manufacturer of state-of-the-art spectacle lenses, and this acquisition by Inspecs marks a significant expansion of its manufacturing capacity. By acquiring part of Norville’s manufacturing operations, Inspecs aims to achieve greater vertical integration in its business, which will allow for a more streamlined production process.

The acquisition took place through administrators at BDO, with Inspecs paying a sum of £2.4 million for the lens business. Norville is well-known for its supply of complete spectacles, including popular brands, to optical retailers. It is widely regarded as having the most advanced portfolio of spectacle lenses in the UK. As part of the transaction, Inspecs has acquired Norville’s manufacturing site in Gloucester, as well as smaller facilities in Bolton, Seaham, and Livingston.

Inspecs plans to retain part of Norville’s management team and employees following the acquisition. This move is seen as a significant step in Inspecs’ growth strategy, as it aims to combine its own global frame manufacturing, marketing, and sales capabilities with Norville’s expertise in lens making. By leveraging these strengths, Inspecs hopes to offer a comprehensive range of eyewear solutions to its customers.

The CEO of Inspecs, Robin Totterman, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the acquisition, emphasizing that it aligns perfectly with the company’s strategic goals. Totterman believes that the combination of Savile Row (Algha) and Norville will create a powerful synergy between two of the oldest and most respected British optical brands. Through its vertically integrated business model, Inspecs aims to solidify its position as a leading eyewear manufacturer and supplier.

Inspecs is known for producing a diverse range of frames and supplying multiple brands, including Superdry, Hype, O’Neill, and Radley. The company recently went public on London’s AIM stock market and operates offices worldwide in the UK, Portugal, Scandinavia, the US, and China. It also boasts manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, China, London, and Italy.

Looking ahead, Inspecs has outlined its plans to integrate its two UK manufacturing sites and introduce a bespoke Savile Row lens collection to complement its frames. Additionally, the company intends to offer high-quality bespoke lens packages for its licensed brands. This strategic move by Inspecs highlights its commitment to expanding its product offerings and maintaining its position as a leading eyewear manufacturer and supplier.

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