Interbrand’s recently released list of 30 Breakthrough Brands for 2020 has recognized StockX and The RealReal as companies that are set to revolutionize the fashion and beauty markets. Both companies have shown innovative approaches in their respective industries.

The RealReal, a luxury resale business, was highlighted for its sustainable practices in the fashion industry. They have been at the forefront of promoting a circular economy by offering secondhand luxury items, reducing waste, and providing a more environmentally-friendly alternative. This recognition emphasizes the growing importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Another notable inclusion on the list is StockX, a unique platform that functions as a sneaker “stock market.” This online marketplace has gained a strong following among sneaker enthusiasts who can buy and sell limited edition sneakers with ease. StockX’s success showcases the growing influence of sneaker culture in the fashion industry and its impact on consumer behavior.

The Breakthrough Brands list also featured ThirdLove, a lingerie brand that offers half-sizes for bra cups and an app for better at-home fit assessment. This brand’s focus on inclusivity and personalization sets it apart from traditional lingerie companies and resonates with consumers who are looking for a more customized shopping experience.

Milk Makeup, a popular brand known for its vibrant and playful aesthetic, was also recognized. Their Gen Z-focused approach has allowed them to create a strong connection with their target audience and gain a loyal following.

Interbrand predicts that these breakthrough brands have the potential to become household names, similar to the success stories of past years. The recognition of these companies highlights a shift in innovation away from Silicon Valley and towards diverse industries like fashion and beauty.

Additionally, Interbrand acknowledges the increased representation of people of color and women in leadership roles among these breakthrough brands, showcasing a positive trend towards greater diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

The trends identified in the Breakthrough Brands list include serving thriving subcultures, promoting sustainable consumerism, leveraging values as status symbols, focusing on digital-first health solutions, and adopting a playful brand identity. These brands are effectively tapping into these trends to connect with their target audiences and drive their success.

Overall, Interbrand’s Breakthrough Brands list serves as a testament to the innovative and impactful companies that are shaping the future of various industries. It showcases the importance of sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity in capturing the attention and loyalty of consumers in today’s competitive market.

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