Intersport International, the global sporting goods retail group, has bounced back strongly in 2021 despite the ongoing impact of the pandemic. In its financial report, the company revealed a global revenue of €12.2 billion for the 2021 financial year, marking a remarkable 20.7% increase compared to the previous year. This growth is even more impressive considering the 13.8% drop in revenue the company experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic.

By the end of 2021, Intersport International operated a total of 5,430 stores across 42 countries, slightly more than the 5,421 stores it had the previous year. Initially, the year started off weakly, as lockdown measures and restrictions hindered consumer spending. However, the company’s fortunes turned around in the second half of the year when stores reopened, leading to a surge in consumer spending on outdoor physical activities.

The successful sales figures can be attributed to Intersport International’s strong presence in the retail market for sporting goods. The company is well-known for its expertise and advice, as well as its extensive network of localized stores. Furthermore, its online sales have also been on the rise, with a 25% increase over the past year, excluding sales generated through click and collect and ship-from-store services.

In a significant move during the summer of 2021, Intersport International sold its sneaker chain, The Athlete’s Foot, to the Arklyz Group. However, the results from this transaction have not been included in the latest published figures. Looking optimistically towards the future, Steve Evers, the company’s managing director, expressed confidence in Intersport International’s ability to capitalize on its proximity positioning and customer service expertise. He mentioned that the orders already placed for the upcoming spring-summer and fall-winter seasons of 2022 show double-digit growth, indicating positive prospects for the company.

In France, Intersport International operates as a cooperative, boasting approximately 750 stores and employing over 10,000 individuals. According to market research firm Kantar, the company holds a leading market share in sports apparel sales in the country. As part of its efforts to further promote its brand and products, Intersport International recently resumed advertising on French TV.

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