Sports apparel and equipment retailer Intersport is reportedly gearing up to make a bid for struggling French competitor Go Sport, which is currently in judicial receivership. The news has been confirmed by a source close to the matter and aligns with a report from French business daily Les Échos. Additionally, Go Sport’s CEO has been fired.

The takeover bid, the amount of which remains undisclosed, must be submitted by this Friday, the deadline set by the trade court in Grenoble, France, which placed Go Sport under receivership in February.

Intersport is one of France’s largest sports apparel and equipment retailers, boasting 9.1 million registered customers. The company operates 431 stores in urban and suburban areas, as well as 259 stores in mountain resorts, 68 metropolitan stores for the Blackstore chain, and 10 outlet stores. On the other hand, Go Sport currently has 215 locations, including both directly owned and franchised stores under the Go Sport and Endurance Shop brands.

Adding to the competition for the potential acquisition, British retail group Frasers, which owns Sports Direct and operates a dozen stores in France, is reportedly considering making an offer for Go Sport.

Furthermore, Go Sport’s current owner, the Hermione People & Brands (HPB) group, is said to be exploring a continuation plan as part of the receivership procedure, according to French daily L’Obs.

Separately, Go Sport’s CEO, Patrick Puy, has been dismissed by HPB just two months after assuming the role. The exact reasons for his termination have not been publicly revealed.

Additionally, Go Sport is under investigation for alleged abuse of corporate assets, as informed by its auditors regarding potential criminal activities. The case has been handed over to Junalco, the national organized crime agency in Paris, due to suspicions of “organised gang fraud.”

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Sassenage, on the outskirts of Grenoble, Go Sport has grappled with financial difficulties for many years. It was acquired by HPB at the end of 2021 for a symbolic sum of one euro from Rallye, the heavily indebted parent company of French food distribution group Casino. Go Sport currently employs a little over 2,000 individuals.

The ultimate owner of the Go Sport group is FIB, the holding company of Bordeaux businessman Michel Ohayon. However, FIB is presently facing financial challenges and allegations of fraud. HPB, a subsidiary of FIB, manages various retail chains, including Camaïeu, which was liquidated in September 2022, Go Sport, and Gap France, another brand currently in receivership. HPB itself was placed under receivership in January.

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