Israeli lab-grown diamond producer Lusix has recently secured a substantial $90 million investment, with notable investors including LVMH Luxury Ventures. Leading the investment round, LVMH Luxury Ventures was joined by Ragnar Crossover Fund and investment house More. Founded by Benny Landa as part of Landa Labs, the science innovation and incubation platform of the Landa Group, Lusix has gained recognition in the lab-grown diamond industry due to its exceptional growing practices and firm commitment to sustainability. Remarkably, all of its diamond growing facilities operate entirely on solar power, which is externally audited.

The injection of funds will be utilized to support Lusix’s growth strategies, most notably the expansion of its production capacity in Israel. As a response to the surging global demand for lab-grown diamonds, the company intends to launch a state-of-the-art facility this summer, fully powered by solar energy. This second facility will further solidify Lusix’s position as a leading player in the industry. Expressing their gratitude and excitement, Lusix is proud to welcome high-profile investors, particularly LVMH Luxury Ventures, and anticipates that their financial support and valuable insights will bolster the company’s success.

This investment represents a pivotal moment for both Lusix and the lab-grown diamond sector, which is experiencing rapid growth and adoption. The financial backing by esteemed investors sends a strong signal of confidence in Lusix’s capabilities, further establishing it as a top contender in the market. As the demand for sustainable and ethical diamonds continues to rise, Lusix’s commitment to responsible practices and solar-powered facilities positions the company as a leader in the lab-grown diamond industry.

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