Italian accessories brand Furla has reported a 12% increase in global sales for the first half of this year compared to the same period last year. While the specific monetary figures were not disclosed, Furla’s turnover in 2021 reached €305.8 million. The company attributes its sales growth to higher local consumption and the return of local and American tourists. Notably, the EMEA region experienced a remarkable growth of 43%, while North American sales increased by 74%. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and various restrictions in the first quarter, Furla also achieved a 6% increase in sales in the crucial Japanese market.

However, the Asia-Pacific market as a whole reported a decline of 27%. This can be attributed to the impact of pandemic-related measures, particularly in China, where many luxury brands struggled during the first half of the year. Furla also experienced a decrease in its point of sale numbers in this region, with a total of 432 points of sale at the end of the first half, compared to 452 the previous year.

To overcome these challenges, Furla plans to continue implementing its strategic relaunch plan, which includes the appointment of a new CEO, whose announcement is expected soon. Despite the setbacks faced in the Chinese market, the brand remains optimistic about its overall sales performance and is committed to expanding its presence globally. With a focus on stylish and high-quality accessories, Furla aims to attract both local consumers and tourists in order to drive further growth in the coming months.

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