Italian fashion conglomerate OTB, which owns popular brands such as Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, and Viktor&Rolf, has announced its plans to go public in 2024. The company, founded by chairman Renzo Rosso, is projecting a 21% increase in turnover for 2021 compared to the previous year and is focused on expanding its brand portfolio through strategic acquisitions.

OTB recently acquired German label Jil Sander, known for its minimalist and sophisticated designs. This acquisition reflects OTB’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and attracting a wider range of consumers. By leveraging Jil Sander’s strong reputation in the luxury fashion sector, OTB aims to increase its market share and drive growth.

Despite the challenges faced by the fashion industry during the global pandemic, OTB has managed to maintain a positive net financial position of over 300 million euros. This financial stability, along with its solid performance, positions the company well for future success and enables it to pursue further acquisitions and investments.

Going public in 2024 will provide OTB with opportunities for growth and expansion. By accessing the public markets, the company will have access to capital that can be used to strengthen its position in the fashion industry. OTB’s strong brand portfolio, track record of success, and ambitious growth targets make it an attractive investment opportunity.

As OTB prepares for its public listing, it will undoubtedly generate interest from investors looking to capitalize on the fashion industry’s recovery and growth. The company’s plans to shape the fashion landscape and drive innovation within the industry make it an exciting prospect for investors. OTB’s listing on the stock exchange will offer investors the chance to participate in its journey and be part of its future success.

In conclusion, OTB’s decision to go public in 2024 demonstrates its confidence in its performance and growth potential. With a diverse brand portfolio, solid financial position, and strategic focus on acquisitions and expansion, OTB is well-positioned to capitalize on the recovering fashion industry and unlock new opportunities for success. The company aims to strengthen its position as a leading player in the fashion world while delivering value to its shareholders.

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