Italian fashion group Aeffe, known for its prestigious brands including Alberta Ferretti, Lorenzo Serafini’s Philosophy, Moschino, and Pollini, has recently reported its revenue for fiscal year 2022 at €352 million. This represents a growth of 8.4% at current exchange rates and 7.7% at constant exchange rates compared to the previous year’s revenue of €324.6 million.

Despite facing challenges in the Far East region, Aeffe experienced growth in all other regions. The direct retail channel saw a remarkable acceleration, with revenue increasing by 17% in Italy and an impressive 59.3% in the rest of Europe.

Breaking down the performance by divisions, the ready-to-wear division generated revenue of €231.8 million before inter-divisional adjustments, reflecting a 5.3% increase at current exchange rates and 4.2% at constant exchange rates compared to the previous fiscal year. The footwear and leather goods division achieved revenue of €163.6 million before inter-divisional adjustments, demonstrating a significant rise of 16.9% at current exchange rates and an equivalent increase at constant exchange rates.

Despite the uncertainties brought about by the macroeconomic environment, Aeffe expressed satisfaction with its revenue performance for fiscal year 2022. Massimo Ferretti, the executive president of Aeffe, expressed that all their brands contributed to the growth, surpassing even pre-pandemic levels. Retail expansion and the development of accessories were mentioned as successful strategic investments.

Aeffe has plans to capitalize on the reorganization of the Moschino brand’s retail distribution in China. This initiative is aimed at overcoming the slowdown caused by COVID-19 restrictions in the region and ensuring a continued growth trajectory.

Overall, Aeffe’s strong financial performance demonstrates its ability to navigate through challenging circumstances and adapt to changing market conditions. The group remains optimistic about its future prospects and is committed to further enhancing its strategic positioning in the fashion industry.

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