Italian fashion group OTB, led by Chairman Renzo Rosso, has unveiled its plans for future growth, which include a potential acquisition and a possible listing on the stock exchange. In an interview with Affari&Finanza-la Repubblica, Rosso discussed the company’s expansion strategy and emphasized their patient approach to acquisitions. Rather than rushing into any immediate purchases, OTB is waiting for the right opportunity to arise to make a significant acquisition.

While specific brands have not yet been identified, Rosso highlighted OTB’s focus on high-end pret-a-porter rather than a broad lifestyle brand. This strategic decision allows OTB to maintain a niche within the luxury fashion market and cater to their target clientele. By targeting acquisitions in this area, they can further enhance their brand portfolio.

Regarding a potential listing on the stock exchange, Rosso stated that it remains a medium-term plan for OTB. However, he also expressed his desire to keep the business within the family by retaining majority ownership even in the event of a listing. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to its core values and long-term vision.

Currently owning prominent fashion brands such as Marni, OTB is already well-positioned in the industry. However, their plans for further growth and expansion show their ambition to solidify their presence in the market. By actively seeking out a significant acquisition and considering a listing on the stock exchange, OTB is taking proactive steps towards achieving its goals.

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