Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni is looking for an investor to help expand her brand internationally. BNP Paribas is facilitating this process, according to one of Ferragni’s financial backers Lorenzo Castelli, who is the co-founder of venture capital firm Alchimia Investments. Castelli mentions that potential investors from private equity firms, family offices, and industrial sectors are being approached.

This search for an investor began recently, and a deal is expected to be finalized before summer. Bringing in a new investor would provide support in executing a new business plan and propelling the company to greater heights.

Chiara Ferragni, who has an impressive following of almost 26 million on Instagram, has become a prominent figure in the Italian fashion industry. She gained fame after launching her blog,, in 2009. Building on her success, Ferragni expanded her brand to include clothing, footwear, and makeup products.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera and WWD, Ferragni disclosed that Fenice, the company that owns all the licenses and operations of her brand, is expected to double its core profit to 2.4 million euros this year. Currently, Ferragni holds a 32.5% stake in Fenice, with the rest of the shares owned by an Italian investor.

The search for an investor marks an exciting new chapter for Chiara Ferragni and her brand as she aspires to expand its global reach. With her significant social media influence and the potential injection of investment, Ferragni’s fashion empire is poised to thrive even further.

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